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Our values

Aware of its responsibility, Capital Hospitality Europe aims to further develop its various activities in Europe by integrating an ambitious internal and external ESG strategy.

As an essential part of its strategy, values and culture, Capital Hospitality Europe is implementing a sustainable development policy by involving all of the company's stakeholders (shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, partners).

Thus, on the environmental level, Capital Hospitality Europe is committed to reducing its environmental impact and improving the energy efficiency of its assets under management, reducing its carbon footprint and adapting to climate change, and minimising its energy needs. On the social front, we are  committed to the well-being of our employees and supports their professional development by ensuring diversity, inclusiveness and parity.

Finally, in terms of governance, CHE guarantees the integration of its ESG policy in all its subsidiaries and activities, fights against corruption and protects personal data in accordance with the RGPD regulation.


Capital Hospitality Europe is strongly focused on the sustainability of its establishments and on maximising their positive impact:

By reducing the environmental impact of its establishments, whether through uses or technical installations (sorting and recovery of waste, use of environmentally friendly and eco-labeled cleaning products, customer empowerment, reduction of consumption of energy resources, choice of suppliers, reuse of materials, etc.).

By improving the quality of life at work (working groups to discuss and define procedures, use of new technologies and implementation of software dedicated to housekeeping in order to optimize flows, reduce stress and travel while increasing team productivity, optimizing tools and equipment, etc.).

• By training its employees in good consumer practices in order to create collective awareness.

Capital Hospitality Europe is thus committed to local dynamism, the economy, employment, by creating the synergies and dialogue essential to the smooth running of projects with stakeholders (architects, service providers, employees, customers, owners ).

The company builds as operations progress, des solid and privileged partnerships with key players in the sector, thus guaranteeing the successful completion of all projects in the best economic conditions.

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