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chambre d'hôtel

Our business

Our expertise creating value for our investors

Secure investments generating
a better risk/return ratio


Purchase type

Real estate and/or Goodwill by buyout of company(ies) or real estate assets

(“share” or “asset” deal)

2 to 5* hotels


Profitability target

Core (+): initial yield from 4% and up to 7%+ with Asset Management before leverage/debt.

Value-Add: 12 to 20% targeted IRR.

LTV up to 60% depending on location and investment types.



Targeted equity of €500m to be deployed over the next 3 years.

Investment vehicle envisaged: SPV held by a single or a limited number of investors.



Major European cities (Paris,  Amsterdam, London, Madrid, Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, etc.) and destinations driven by demand combining business and leisure tourism.


Asset Profile

Assets with a unit value greater than €20M or portfolios of assets (€100-300M).

Existing hotels, under construction (VEFA or future sale), or in operation.


No brand restrictions, ability to purchase non-branded assets.

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